Are you a more hands on SEO maxi?
Here’s an internal view on how we do things.

A. The Right Strategy


Here’s what you need to know when we’re doing SEO for SaaS companies. 

1. Product page needs to expand into product features pages and then it expands into product use cases. 
2. Blog content supports the entire suite of landing pages that are addressing specific audiences.
3. So blogging and content marketing is extremely important when it comes to SaaS pages.
4. The opportunity that we find in SaaS projects are within the tools/templates/resources section where we provide free resources to fill an immediate need.  
5. Extensive product research supports the entire scope of SEO .When it comes to acquiring backlinks, it’s fairly easy to do so by buying referral blogs that are driving traffic


For ecommerce, the x factor is the product catalog size, the more products you have the more opportunities we can target

1. Fairly simple method, expand and niche down collection pages based on different use cases. 

2. Build blogs that position the products as a top solution and link back to the collection and product pages.
3. Use short descriptions for collection pages to link back to the best sellers for internal linking opportunities 
4. Link from the product pages to other relatable products
5. Build backlinks to blogs, that the juice will be passed down to the collections and to the product pages 

Kickoff Call

If we found that your business is a good fit and you culturally align with our company, the kick off call is scheduled to bring actionable insights and value to take action on. If you feel confident to move forward, we will put a proposal together and send you the agreement document and invoice accordingly. 


Once an invoice is sent, we start by onboarding you to our ecosystem - we mainly introduce you to our superstar team, send you the onboarding forms and all the goodies that come with it. There’s nothing special here, just enjoy meeting your new content superteam.

Knowledge Transfer

Onboarding is over, now What? It’s time to document and pack up all the relevant information about your brand, your customers, and your online persona. We go through all the necessary steps to establish guidelines and a feedback process that fits both of us. This step is crucial to maintain consistency and quality over all deliverables. 

Strategy & Roadmap

Based on all of the input we’ve received from your side, we will plan a content roadmap that is aligned with your business KPI’s and the available market opportunities. This roadmap takes into consideration all of the user awareness stages, starting from the warm and ready to buy users all the way to people who’ve never thought of you. Nailing down the strategy will set the ship in the right direction. 

Content Deliverables

80% of our entire operation is around producing content. Each page produced is going through a laborious process until it’s live. Each content page goes through an SEO briefing process, where we gather all data from the SERPs and build a unique strategy for each page. Once the briefing is done, we send it to the writer for content writing and editing. Now that the content is ready, we go into designing the page and implementing it.

Project Management

Clickup & Slack  has been the go-to software tools that help us manage our operations. We’ve set it up in a way you can get automated notifications on your deliverable statuses. Your account manager will be in touch with you daily through your dedicated slack channel.


We’re in the communication business, we have retained clients for 3 years now just because our communication is daily and proactive. We’ve earned close to 15 referrals from clients and that shows how serious we are when it comes to keeping our clients updated on everything that is happening on their accounts.


In our early days, we’ve lost relationships with clients due to the fact that we poorly managed expectations.We’re now more than ever committed to give our clients a full breakdown on what to expect with our services, ROI & commitment wise. We will never sugar coat it just to earn a few extra bucks.  Our motto: We underpromise and over deliver, again and again. 

Pricing Structures

When it comes to pricing, we broke it down to “pay per deliverable” since it brings the most clarity and transparency to our clients. Long gone are the days where you spend 6 months doing SEO and you’re left wondering where that money went. Our main deliverables are billed per “page” or per ”hour”.


We use Stripe subscriptions, and auto-charge our clients on the 1st of every month. You can always opt out 3 & 7 days before we charge you for an upcoming month. 

Agreement & Legal

Nothing special here, just an agreement that you goes over: 1- Consenting access to your online assets 2- Limited liability on work that has been reworked and edited - Minimum of 15 days heads up before canceling  Find the full length of the agreement here

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